Painless Delivery


Painless Delivery

This will give you some idea about the pain of labour and what can be done to relieve it. You will need further information from those who are looking after you about the types of pain relief available at Vaishnavi Maternity hospital. We hope that if you know what to expect and with good pain relief if need be, you will find the birth of you baby can be a satisfying experience. During labour every mother can request for Epidural Analgesia.

Where Epidural Analgesia Is Highly Needed

  • If general anaesthesia is risky or contraindicated for that mother, then Epidural analgesia is helpful for normal delivery as well as Cesarean Section if needed.
  • Mothers with respiratory diseases (e.g. Asthma, COPD)
  • A hypertensive mother (pre-eclampsia and eclampsia)
  • Mother with cardiac disorders.
  • A diabetic mother.

Where Not Needed

  • It is contraindicated if the mother refuses.
  • If the mother has low blood pressure.
  • Local infections in the back (lumber region)
  • In the presence of bleeding disorders or anticoagulant therapy

Women Who Have Received Epidural Analgesia Are The Most Greatful & Satisfied Mothers That The Anaesthesiologist Ever Works With.

Reasons for Pain Relief

Although pregnancy is not diseased state, it is associated with marked physiological changes. A painful labour has detrimental effects on the mother and foetus, because of widespread metabolic disturbances in the mother.


Labour pain arises from uterine contraction during delivery in a periodic manner. When contraction comes, patient gets pain. She usually hyperventilates (takes more breathing) in response to severe pain which interferes with foetal oxygenation. When that contraction goes off, the patient gets tired. This causes Hypoventilation which also worsens foetal oxygenation. Mothers with respiratory diseases (e.g. Asthma COPD etc.) are affected more.

The cyclical increase of pain also increase in pulse rate and blood pressure which is detrimental to a hypertensive mother as well as the mother with cardiac diseases.

The body physiology of primies, who are to experience labour pain for the first time, is affected more by labour pain due to fear & anxiety about childbirth.

Labour Pain

Is one of the most unbearable types of pain that is experienced by women from all cultures, races, civilizations, socioeconomic and intellectual backgrounds. But now women can have painless delivery

Out of all methods EPIDURAL TECHNIQUE is the most practical one. It specifically blocks those nerves which carry pain sensation from uterus to brain during the process of labour. It is safe to the mother as well as baby. Hence the use of Epidural analgesia during pregnancy is a good practice to make the mother more confident and co-operative during child birth.

Epidural Analgesia Will Eliminate All These Problems by Reducing Pain